18 February 2009

More of the same... (a typical day)

and a lot of nothing.

A typical work day for today.  I guess it might be easiest to come up with my daily timeline so you can see what it is that I actually do every day.

7:00am - wake up

7:10am - open up house, feed cat, check internet

7:30am - chat with Michael, fill shower bag, boil drinking water, eat breakfast, buy news paper from delivery man

8:00am - Get dressed, play with the cat

8:20am - Lock up the house and walk to work

8:30am - Arrive at SJC (probably earlier but I do not time the very short walk)

8:30-9:30am - Put my bag in the office, sit with staff, read paper, discuss various topics, stand in the shade, stare at children playing

9:30 -noon - Registration transactions, transport assistance, join play therapy when possible, stare out the window, talk to Sue (a lot), stare at the wall, come up with some great philosophical ideas, have internal discussions, copy information from books to computer, walk around the center to look as if I am doing more than just sitting around all day

****Do not let the above section deceive you.  Most of the time is spent doing mostly nothing.  We see maybe two clients per hour in the office for a total of 5 minutes out of the hour.  Play therapy is generally too slow to provide any real help.  Sometimes we are lucky and there is a busy burst where there is a bunch of office work and play therapy to do.  Generally that is not the case****

noon to 12:30 or 1pm - take bread and tea with staff (sometimes we will have it earlier when it is a particularly slow day and tea is the only way to make it seem less slow)

1:00-4:00 - shop for necessary food or supplies, read book, check internet, listen to the BBC, wash the dishes, clean up anything around the house, fetch water, start cooking dinner if it is more involved, and play with the cat

4:00-7:00 - Sit outside with Michael and discuss the days events, make and eat dinner, sit outside more and chat more, read a little bit, survive visit from girls, write my daily blog and check email

7:00-9:30 - watch next movie on the countdown or read and then go to bed at any time after nine.

This is not the case for every day, but it is the norm for most days of the week.  Sometimes a few extra tasks are heaped upon us, but not often.