23 February 2009

More Monday

Not a whole lot to report about today.  As I already mentioned, my camera is back to full function.  Now that I have figured out the best way to send pictures, expect more and more to appear on my Picasa page.  Of course the best of the best will be featured here.

Today I worked solo for the most part.  Sue came in for the morning but had to dash home to catch the electrician and make sure that no more chargers would be fried at her house.  Monday seems to be the most constant stream of clients, but they are mostly infants.  This leaves me with very little to do.  So I did my usual update of my databases, check through the registration and transport books, counted the money and tried to stay awake.  I should have gone to bed early last night but did not and I paid for it today.   So when I got home, I watched some Planet Earth and slouched in the couch with my legs up.  William made a visit to work and here as he makes his last preparations before returning to Uganda.

The rains seem to be creeping their way into the clouds.  Currently a few drops are landing overhead at what may be the first of the rainy season.  It has been unbearably dry the past few weeks and a change is necessary.  I think I talk about the weather a lot more that I used to.  I read that it is an important topic of conversation here, but I now see why.  I have become obsessed with when to do what based on the weather.  The mornings are always cool so that is the best time to be active.  Mid-day is just the sun and blue sky.  Not much to do then.  Evening the sun sets quickly and that is when it rains..if it does.  I have begun to find a rhythm here and each day has become more fun.  Even when I do nothing like today.  There are still aspects of the day that I find myself adjusting to.  The amount of free time can be hard to fill.  I constantly struggle with the feeling of inactivity because there is so much time to read.  However, I remind myself that I only feel this way because I am not filling empty time with my phone, internet and television.  Yes, I use the computer daily, but not for long.  I can no longer waste hours looking at various wikipedia articles or facebook pages.  It is hard to not have the diversions that I enjoyed at home, but it is also nice to spend more time reading and not sitting around the house.  If I am bored there is always housework to be done.