07 February 2009

Michael's Birthday

Today is Michael's birthday and it has been my task to help make sure it is the best 25th birthday in Kenya ever.  This morning, we had our pancakes and fruit as prepared by Jean and Sue.  As advertised, the pancakes were quite enjoyable and the pineapple here is surprisingly good.  We ate as I completed watching Domingo in Turandot.  An enjoyable opera with the timeless Nessun Dorma, but with a terrible ending.  I will not waste time discussing this because I am one of the only people who I know that actually enjoys opera.

The girls departed and went off to the Kakamega rainforest.  Michael wanted to relax and I did not want to pay the 1500 KSh as an entry fee when there are times that are said to be better to see birds.   We relaxed until noon and did a bit of reading.  I continued on my journey of Infinite Jest which keeps getting better.  After awhile it was playing a little hearts.  I never knew how to play, but now I can say that I am pretty decent at the game and it is fun.

A trip to town was necessary to gather the appropriate dinner materials.  We planned on making fajitas.  We needed to buy: green peppers, onions, meat, and chapatti (Kenyan tortilla shells).  We also got some lime concentrate to have with our Kenyan gin (which is actually very good and cheap).  At home it was cutting the fat, slicing, beating, and seasoning.  All to prepare for Michael's birthday feast.  They turned out to be a filling and surprisingly delicious meal.  However, while cutting a pepper I happened to follow through with the blade right into my left thumb.  No concern, I have fashioned a wrap that makes it look as if I chopped off half of my finger.

We had a double feature of Swing Time and Bringing Up Baby.  The two films have solidified my love for 1930's and 40's film.  You really cannot beat a song and dance film with Astaire and Rodgers followed by a Carry Grant-Katherine Hepburn farce love story.  The humor is ripe and silly, plot light, acting at its best, and infectious music.  I suggest to anyone to watch the AFI top 100 films in ascending order.  It has been fun so far and has forced me to watch movies I would have passed.  Some have been great (the two tonight) and others have been disappointing (The Last Picture Show).

Tomorrow is church and tea at William's house.


Interesting Kenyan News

-Witch hunts also happen around here.  There are elders in villages being killed for really no other reason than being old.  Youth are accusing them of witchcraft, but it is basically for having some gray hair.

-Maybe things might be moving concerning last years election violence trials.