13 February 2009

Long Day of Work

Today was the epilepsy clinic at the SJC.  Clinic is not an accurate name, it is more like an assessment of clients who want to have the center help get medication or a trip to the real clinic next week.  I was with Joy for the day to do registration.  In short, a client would arrive, be weighed by Sue, meet with Angela for a quick evaluation/check-up, and then come and register with Joy and I.  Most of the registration was conducted in Swahili, but I was happy to listen along as Joy would talk to the adults who had a child with epilepsy or had it themselves.  By the end I was able to gather the general gist of the conversations.  I would record the amount paid, write receipts, help check any owed money, and try to learn as much as I could about the clients from Joy in between.

Working with Joy is always good for a few laughs.  On a side story, I caught her dancing to the music that was playing in the center before the clients came in.  When she noticed that I had seen her she gasped in horror and ran away embarrassed.  It is really common to see Kenyan's dancing.  Neto dances about the center all day long to whatever song is being played for the tenth time that day.  I did not mention that tapes here are, at most, six songs long.  That means that in the course of a 5 hour day at the center, we are treated to the same songs.  Sometimes Nancy or Neto will catch the problem and change the tape, but that is not often.  Ok, back to Joy.  It was not all that shocking to see her dancing, but it was funny that she ran away like one of the little infants when I wave in passing.

After working straight until almost two, it was time for the customary mendazi, chai, and English Premier League debate with Neto.  I am really lucky to have such a light-hearted group of co-workers.  They have been more than welcoming and it has made working every day fun.  I wake up in the morning excited for the day and what I will be doing.  That is something I have never felt before.

Friday is fried chicken and chipati day, then got a few tuskers, made western omelets, and will watch Spartacus.

Blogs to expect this weekend because I have two major topics:

1) More about our cat with lots of pictures.  I love our cat and it is the cutest thing alive.

2) Last night, a man was hit and killed by a car on the street out in front of the house.  In short Michael and I went outside because we heard a commotion.  I am still processing the events of what happened last night, so it may take a few days to have a full reflection.



Happy Friday!