25 February 2009

"Credit Language"


I would like to begin with the important reminder that Chelsea is playing tonight against Juventus and that Man U tied Inter Milan last night.  Neto went to the match and said I should have been there but it was both too late, 10pm, and too risky to make the walk alone in the dark.  After getting my match briefing from Neto, I proceeded to play with Robin.  He and his father were punctual and arrived at the same time as Neto and I.  Right away he dashed for the tricycle and began to pedal around the center before the padding was placed down.  Michael got some toys from the Sisters to give out at school, but he was not sure to do with a few of them.  The main problem was a set of Kung Fu Panda toys from Burger King.  He did not want to give them as prizes when he could not continue to give such large things away for the year.  I gave them a look and thought they would be a g     ood addition to play therapy.  My hypothesis was confirmed when I gave two of them to Robin.  I showed him how one would kick if you pressed a button on the back, and the other would punch down when either or both of two buttons are depressed.  Being a kid he did not need much instruction to have a ball.  He raced around from corner to corner with his two new toys having some sort of epic story unfold with each narration.  The other toys were used with success throughout the day. 

At the end, Robin was playing with one of the cars and his father said it was time to leave.  He announced to Neto that he was going to take the car home.  Neto said no, but Robin ran over stuffed the car in his backpack and started to walk off casually.  Neto said that he could have it next weekend.  Robin assured Neto that he would take very good care of the car and would bring it back next time he came.  Neto said no, but the five year old attempted to talk his way out of the situation.  Conducted in Swahili, Neto told me later what had transpired.  Finally Neto convinced him to leave it for next week and told me that he would hide it next time Robin came.

DSCF0001The angle saw when I just cut at a moderate pace.

Later I went to work on sawing a therapy table.  After two hours of sawing with a terrible saw and my leatherman (I found that I could start straight with the leatherman, saw faster with the bendy saw, correct with the leatherman and so on) my arm was tired and I made the walk home.  Each time I walk back from the compound I find myself in a very happy state.  The view and walking alone without any sort of distractions is reinvigorating.  Time spent alone gives me the most energy.  Also, a cold Coke can help with I get home.DSCF0002

The Saw (straight huh?)

Forgive the randomness, but there is way too much on my mind to not put down today.  Plus the drunk guy is a riot.

Good Stuff

  • Emmanuel is a small boy with Downs Syndrome.  EVERY TIME he comes his mom sits him down, takes off his shoes, socks, and lets him sit.  Within one minute of leaving him sitting, Emmanuel will pee on himself.  This has happened each week without fail.  It was gross the first few times, but it is not a constant source of humor.  It is like a ticking bomb each time he comes and a cause for celebration when it happens.  Sort of like going to see Old Faithful, but urine rather than hot water.
  • Michael received his first package today.  It was sent on Feb 2 and made it to Malava today.  That is 24 days total.  He has others in the mail that were sent around the same time.  I estimate that packages will take between 3 and 6 weeks to come.  So anyone who wants to send me a birthday package should get on it soon!
  • Cost of customs for a package of books and pencils was about $3, but it cost about $40 to send.
  • Saw another person wearing tire sandals.  This confirms that non-white people do in face make purchases from tire sandal guy.
  • Can buy fresh french fries for 10 KSH
  • There is a place with refrigerated drinks that are in face cold.
  • Saw the following posted in a shop: Dear Customers, You are very important to my business but remember credit language is Businesses Poison Welcome (as written including italics and punctuation)


Written as it happened (Pictures are the lecture notes provided by our guest, James)

Drunk guy came by to greet us and tell us that he has seen me when I buy vegetables from his mother.  Her stand is right behind our house and she is one of the people we have worked on becoming friends with.  She gives me pretty good deals and is nothing less than nice every time I pass.  Her son was very drunk and we could not understand much of what he said.  He said to us that he calls me "Chuck Norris" because of my beard.  He has seen Walker Texas Ranger on TV and believes that I resemble him.  I do not see the resemblance, but I will take it.  His favorite musicians: R Kelly, Luther Vandross and Dolly Parton.  DSCF0008Gave us a language lesson with a bucket on his head to denote his being from another region.  "I normally call Americans 'The Obamas'."  Sits down on ground to talk more.  Inches back to lean against poll, leans and no poll, inches back further, no poll, more and finds the poll.  Now giving history lesson of Kenyans on one of Michael's composition books.  Diagram that makes no sense.  Birth of Kenyan tribes. Nine kids and something for 5 minutes.  He wavers in and out of coherence due to drunkenness.  Talking about politics.  Something about the President. Mount Kenya...Called me Chuck Norris again.  Last child is "Gift from God, like a discount."  Gave me a hard time for typing.  "I am sorry my handwriting is like a frog. A frog from a pond."  "Chuck Norris is very busy."  Kenyatta said no rulership should pass the Chania River and Kibaki is from above the river near Mt. Kenya (keeps repeating).  Mt Kenya Mafia. Attempts to tell us something in Kikuyu.  War result of broken prophesy.  Still talks about Kenyatta prophesy.  Kibaki finance DSCF0007minister for Kenyatta.  1982 Air Force coup attempt - General Kibwana and Ochukh.  Ochukh caught in Tanzania and beheaded.  "I know a woman who had, chopped off the mammary gland, chopped off (with a downward motion on his chest)."  Asks for help with money or job.  "I feel guilty, I feel bad."  Wants small job around our house in America.  Michael is Rambo.  Kept leaning back when sitting on stool and nearly fell over tDSCF0006ime and time again.  Told us that we might think he is drunk because he comes close to falling over.  Notorious is his favorite along with Akon.  Call him "GI" or "Rastaman."  Swahili language lesson.  Goodbye.  Says he will be back tomorrow to talk more. 

No commentary needed.