15 February 2009

Just Another Day of the Week

As has become par for the course, Sunday began with church and then brunch.  In between we had a little sit down and catch up with Sister Phyllis.  All seems to be well from the four parties and then it was time for William to make one of his last visits.  We invited him to join us for brunch and to also teach how to make chapatti.  As it turns out, making chapatti is very easy.  Just some flour, water, salt, baking powder, blue band (margarine), and love.  Sadly, William will be leaving us this week to return to Uganda.  However, we have an open invitation to Kampala and Michael and I plan on taking William up on his offer.  It will be a good reason to go over to Uganda and will give us a friendly face when we visit the country.  The cooking took up most of the afternoon and we did not finish eating until about 4pm, having started cooking at 1pm.

Each day I am enjoying taking time to make a meal and enjoy the company of visitors.  This should be a good week.  Tomorrow I will learn to use QuickBooks for the SJC and Tuesday will be a venture into the field with Joy to do some house visits.  Going into the field will help me better understand the clients and have the chance to see how people live outside of Malava.  It is rural here, but we are in the town center.  It becomes even more rural as you move away from the tarmac road.

Everyone have a great Sunday!