11 February 2009

Daily Blog (can't think of a good title)

Today was a blessed day that started and ended with gifts.  It began with the gift of a wildlife book from the SND's in Nairobi.  They all know my love of seeing new animals and sent a book to help me identify more wildlife.  I now have a bird book and a general wildlife book!  SND's rock!

My news man made a personal delivery to the SJC with today's paper.  It really helps to make friends with the local business people.  They will go out of their way to make sure that you get whatever it is that you want.  Work was work and I got to play with a few of the kids.  I worked with John on his addition, counting and alphabet.  It has been nice to get to know the kids better and better.  They are more receptive to playing around and working with Sue and I.  I also can kid around with them more and it makes the dynamic much more fun.

William came by to see all of us and take his picture with Sue.sue william tom  As you can see to the left, the three of us are having a great time together.  Also, note how much taller I am than William and Sue.  I knew I was tall, but it is always strange to see myself in pictures with other people.  I notice my height even less because Michael and I are both around the same height.  The visit was nice and we discussed possibly visiting William when he goes to Uganda.  When it came time to leave, William surprised Michael by giving him an "awkward man-hug" as he described it.  Watching it happen was amusing and strange.

The day ended with the gift of our new cat.  He is settled into our 'garage' and we gave him some lamb meat for dinner and water for the night.  I guess the thing to do is keep it inside a bit and give it lots of food.  Then cut it loose and make sure to feed it every night.  Dinner was spent brainstorming names for our adorable friend.

I learned today that an owl is a bad omen.  Angela said that whenever you see an owl around here it means that death has come to wherever it has perched. 

I got a kick out of the fact that when Sue left work today, to go home and have lunch before our William meeting, Angela, David and Neto laughed at the fact that she left in a hurry.  They remarked that mzungu's always have to keep time and be somewhere.  I should say that I do not want to try to say that I am any better than Sue when it comes to this.  I always feel that things need to be done when I am done working.  As I said yesterday, it is nice to not have to worry as much.  However it is still hard to not be thinking of all the things that I can do or need to do.


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