02 February 2009

Building Bridges

Stair Step One

Thursday, this is what Tom and I completed.  We cut and stained the two pieces of wood, nailed them together, cut steps, placed and braced.  This gave two semi-firm steps due to the dryness of the dirt.  When we arrived this morning, the steps had firmed up due to the weekend rains.  Today our task was to create a bridge that would connect the steps and the road and create a handicap friendly ramp. 



Stair Step Two That brings us to frame two. You will see the planks laid down to make a foot bridge over the ditch.  We put braces across the top with small wood and three larger 2x4's underneath to give strength to it.  To complete the ramp, we cut in the ground at the bottom to stabilize the planks and then used dirt to hold the bridge in place.  At the top we we used the dirt to complete the ramp over the steps (as seen below) to create our completed ramp for the clients to walk up when they Stair Step Three

come to the SJC.  On the right is the finished product of two days of hard labor.  We will have to add a little more stability support on the sides, but it works very well.  So well that Tom felt it was alright to ride his motorcycle up it.  To my horror, I watched as he circled round to drive up.  I was relieved when he made it up without so much as a tremor from our bridge.  If it can support me and Tom and his motorcycle the bridge will do just fine.

Some pictures in and around SJC:


SJC Main Enterance

SJC Entrance


Play Therapy Room and Waiting Room

SJC Office  

Sue hard at work in the "office"