04 February 2009

An Average Day

Not a very exciting day in the life.  Work involved the usual recording of client information, registration, card reporting and some filing.  The day was rather slow with all the clients done by 11:30.  That was until one woman showed up at five of noon.  This seems reasonable but is actually late by SJC standards.  At tea, David explained that the woman lived far away and walked all the way to the center to have her daughter treated.  They estimated that she had to have left around 9am and walked for three hours.  Her daughter had therapy for about 20 minutes and then it was the three hour walk home.  He also noted that the family was extremely poor.  One of her other children suffers from malnutrition and it is evident by what she was wearing (rags at best) that times were tough for this mother.  He emphasized that the woman must have been wearing her best clothes because Kenyan's pride themselves in their dress and would not be caught dead in town without being dressed well.  For this woman to travel so far she had to be wearing her best clothes.  It is flooring to see a person wearing a tattered t-shirt and dirty dress who considers that to be her best clothes.

William came by to say hi, but we had a rush of stuff and scheduled to meet tomorrow.  He is very nice but around too often for my liking.

Tomorrow, Tom will be in and that means some manual labor.  I expect to be busy and working hard tomorrow at the SJC.  The power is currently out and the sun is quickly setting.  If it does not come back that means it will be a very early night for me.

We have our first of two retreats in April and hope to take a vacation after.  We will travel to Nairobi for one weekend and then off to Mombassa for the beach and some relaxation.  It is not for awhile so there are no real plans, but it is something to look forward to.

Hopefully more tomorrow.