19 February 2009

Another week down

The working week has come to its official end for me.  Since the sisters have their quarterly meeting in Nairobi there are no events or meetings scheduled for tomorrow.  That means another four day work week.  I think I can get used to these four day weeks.  I will bring back the 4 day revolution to the United States.  In addition to a 8 to 1 work day.

Today was both short and busy.  In other words a perfect day.  At the SJC, Sue and I had to distribute all the meds to the clients after they had been picked up in Mumias yesterday by Judi.  The clients who are new or need to see a doctor went in the car with her.  Those who needed medication gave their health passports to us on Friday and Judi got their meds yesterday.  We had a steady flow of clients entering to collect medications.  In between, we reviewed the price of the medications against what the clients had already paid.  Some still owe bit, a few are fully paid, and two we owe money back.  We checked the receipts against Judi's record and against mine.  I was thrilled when I showed up this morning because mama Moses was waiting with Moses in her arms to have the therapists see him.  Last week, when Joy and Sue went out, many of the clients who they saw did not show up after being seen.  I am proud to say that the clients that we saw have all been here this week.  Violet came later to get her epilepsy meds and Moses was there bright and early so that his mother could get back to work quickly.  All in all it has been a very positive week. 

I also learned that the soccer matches were going to be shown at the 'IMAX Cinema' in Malava on Saturday.  At 3:45pm will be my Chelsea Blues.  Neto said that he was going to be there to watch all three matches (his Man U will be on at 8:30pm).  It only costs 20 shillings to go and watch, so I think that Michael and I might head over and at least see the first match.  Neto expects it to be crowded because there were no matches last weekend.  If all goes well, I might try to go watch the UEFA match between Man U and Inter Milan on Tuesday.  Obviously I will cheer against Man U, but they have the most supporters in this area.

Then at 11 I walked over to the compound to finish entering the data on QuickBooks.  Now accustomed to the system, I shot through in a little over an hour and completed the finances for January. 

Before leaving I attempted to help Judi reattach the hose for the water pump.  The hose had been leaking and needed to be pushed in further.  Naturally, I offered up my super human strength to assist Judi.  With the hose fixed she started up the motor.  It chugged a bit, water began to move and then a different hose flew off.  We fixed that hose, started it again and the first hose came off again.  After a bit of cursing and frustration, we put the hose back on, turned the motor on, and nothing happened.  It appears as if there is something else that is contributing to the problem.  Just because I am close to being a master carpenter it does not seem to translate to plumbing. 

I made the walk back home.  I was initially frustrated by having to walk back and forth the compound a few times a week, but I now see it as a good chance to get extra exercise.  Also, the walk offers a view of the emerging mountains on the horizon that is punctuated by clouds that dot the sky as an emphatic finish to an exclamation on the afternoon.  The sun is terrible at this point of the day.  There are only a few clouds and I can feel it as it burns on my skin and actually its effects on the red clay that is getting closer and closer to matching my skin tone.

At home it was the usual washing of dishes, playing with the cat, and relaxing with Michael who had a "SJC Day" as he like to call it (aka getting home before 2pm).

Weekend Outlook

Friday - Malava market, chicken and chips and shopping in Kakamega

Saturday - Morning Malava Forest hike, soccer match

Sunday - Cook lunch for the orphans at Tumiani where Michael and Jean work and possibly watch a movie (Jungle Book?)