09 January 2009

Written in Baltimore Penn Station

--The Kenyan government has declared a national emergency due to the continuing failure of crops because of the drought.  As many as ten million Kenyans could be left without enough food.  One way to help seems to be the transition of farmers from white to yellow maize when feeding cattle.  The drought extends to Nairobi and could affect the city's water supply.

--US charity Children International has donated over fifteen thousand books to a school in Kenya.

--Now this is the change that you can get behind.  Check out a few Kenyan nuns who are successfully working within their own country to help farmers, children, and others.  True change must have its roots in the locals, not imposed on by outside pressure.

--A little late on this, but once again the United States does not agree to play ball when it comes to international politics.  In December, the majority of the world signed an agreement to ban cluster bombs.  Cluster bombs basically blow up on the way down, well before hitting the ground, and smaller bombs are spread over a larger region with the intention of covering a greater area.  However, many times these smaller bombs do not all detonate and land on the ground as mines.  The United States, Russia, and China (the usual suspects) did not sign the treaty.  As long as these nations continue to separate themselves from the international community, large organizations like the UN will remain ineffective.  There will come a time where these countries will have to make a choice.

--Despite continuing conflict in the current government structure, the Kenyan media is already looking to 2012.