27 January 2009

Tuesday's Terrible T Storm

A hurricane-like storm rages outside as I bring you today's blog post.  Power has been coming in and out while rains defy gravity and travel parallel to the now swamp grounds.  A great river rages next to our house of run-off rain with tributaries that break off whenever given a chance.  To threaten the integrity of the river and cause total aqua-chaos.  Meanwhile, Michael and I sit patiently listening to the BBC news as our light does its best rave impression strobe.

Today, Sue and I did more of the same and more of nothing.  We filled out the charts when the families brought the cards.  Wrote a few receipts for membership fees and travel expenses.  The day started slowly, but then a group of clients came in in a continuous flow of children.  The day was consummated by chai and bread. 

Then it was back to relax before our meeting.  We sat and pondered great things such as the existence of God, the Catholic church, US politics, and international relations.  Tired from the philosophical workout, we purchased some sodas and played travel scrabble (thanks Rose!).  That brought us to 3pm and time for the meeting.  Finally, we were able to hash out all the roles for the four of us (Sue, Neto, Joy and myself).  Sue and I will be responsible for the daily bookkeeping and secretarial affairs.  That will free up Neto to focus solely on play therapy.  Joy will continue to be involved in the individual families and do check-ins as needed.  I have been given the unofficial responsibility of accountant.  This means that I will be entering all the data from each months expenses into the computer.  I will also act as carpenter for the SJC.  I have been commissioned to make some therapy seats and toys.  This will be an after hours job that will keep me busy in the afternoons. 

To boil this all down, day to day I will continue to do what I have been doing.  Which is not a whole lot, but now I know what my role is.  As each month comes to an end, I will have my accounting duties.  Various other tasks will be treated on an as needed basis.  After a month, we will evaluate and look forward to how Sue and I can help with grants and funding.  I am happy to have a few defined roles within the SJC.  At least I know what is expected of me.

On a lighter note.  As Sue and I were walking back from work, a started talking to me as if we knew each other.  Politely, I shook his hand and walked.  Listening to what he was saying.  He followed my stride for stride.  Chatting with a slur, unrelenting to my attempt to leave the conversation.  He ultimately stopped me and began to express his distress.  I had gotten on the bus earlier this morning and then he saw me walking from across the street.  I had lied to him!  Completely confused and overwhelmed by the odor of cigarette smoke curling out of each letter he spoke.  I stood dumfounded to this man.  His shirt was unbuttoned, suit dirty and oily.  It was clear that he had been past drunk well before noon.  He insisted that I apologize for lying to him.  If I was a gentleman, I would admit I was wrong and say sorry.  He was only looking out for the two of us.  How could he help us if we did not tell him where we were really going.  I insisted that I did not know him.  I said that I had not been in a car today and he must have confused me with my friend (Michael).  I would not say I was sorry because I had done nothing wrong.  Realizing that his attempt to elicit penance was fruitless, he asked if I could spare a bit of pocket  change.  At that, I kindly and curtly informed him that we had to go and have our lunch.  Good day sir!

Last thing today.  People have been emailing me with questions and whatnot.  I want to make sure that I am informing everyone about as much as possible.  Therefore, I will begin to also post my answers.  I had not thought about simple things such as what I eat each meal (asked by my mother).  If you ask questions via comments or email, I will be sure to answer them in an expedient manner.

Tree!Dr. Seuss tree - This tree is outside the SJC and must have been dreamt up by Dr. Seuss.

Birds1 lesser striped swallow (taken by myself on Michael's camera in our courtyard)

Birds2 Black and White-Casqued Hornbill (taken by me on my camera from our courtyard)  Ugly, huh?

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