28 January 2009

Shoo Shoo


In the middle of an average work day, Michael texted me to say that he and Jean would be done early today and if we were interested at lunch at the petrol station.  The petrol station is where you can go and have some fried chicken.  All the sisters have made mention of the restaurant next to the station  to rave about the wonderful meal you can purchase.  Sue an I agreed to meet at 1pm for lunch.  After the clients were done we made our way to the station.  Since we were early, we thought it would good to take a walk into the Malava forest.  We had been told to go there by one of the sisters (I do not remember who) because it was a good place to see some animals, it was close, and it was free (unlike the Kakamega rainforest).  Above you see a picture taken from the outside. Below is a Vervet Monkey.  Monkey2I did my best to take a picture of it with my camera, but it was not too close.  I have another picture below this one of another that I took a bit later on our walk that is not as clear at this size, but if you click on the picture it should be much better.  Watching them hang out and jump from tree to tree provided entertainment for some while. We continued monkey1through the forest saw a few birds from the distance, but nothing to report or photograph due to distance and lack of time.  However, we did find a plant that I have dubbed as a "Stegosaurus Tree."  As you can see, it is a bare tree covered in barbs.  Just like the tail of a Stegosaurus.  I have seen steg plantbranches of it on the ground elsewhere, but I now have evidence that it is not just a plant or a vine but a tree of barbwire.  No bird can perch upon this tree.  Lastly, just outside the forest we saw this brilliantly colored butterfly.  I have read that there is an abundance of butterflies in the butterflyKakamega rainforest and I should be able to see some around Malava.  I do not really like butterflies all that much, but if they are anything like this one I will surely enjoy the rainforest.  I will also admit that I am partial to the combination of deep black and electric blue.  Any animal of these colors I will automatically like.

We made it back to the station at one and decided to sit down to have a soda and wait for Michael and Jean.  45 minutes passed and with no sign of the two I called Michael.  He answered cheerfully from our house under the assumption that we would meet be meeting there.  The miscommunication was revealed and corrected when Jean and Michael arrived at somewhere around two.  Lunch was worth the hype and extremely cheap (about $3 for chicken, cabbage, chapati, and a soda).  Thus ended a nice afternoon.

The rest of the day will be left to reading and relaxing.  Dinner than maybe another movie.  Last night we watched Blade Runner, #97 on the AFI top 100.  Pretty good, but I do not see how it is top 100 material.

   girls in window

As a bonus.  The girls who bother us all the time came back last night to say hello.  I snapped this picture as one was telling us that she does not like Michael because he always says, "Shoo Shoo!" to them.  They like me for God knows what reason.  I think it is only because I do not shoo them away, but I have not been the most gracious host to them either.

Update: They are here at 4:37pm again.  Watching me on the computer as Michael ignores them and corrects tests.

Update 2: To take care of our problem, Michael tossed water at them -- and it has only been moderately successful.

I hope it is snowing wherever you may be!