03 January 2009

Media Bill Rections and Other News

--Media owners react to the passing of the Media Bill.
--Religious leaders and lawyers chime in too!
--The journalists will not give up, vow to fight passed law.
--2008 was not a good year for the Kenyan Wildlife Service. They hope to be able to make strides in 2009 and protect the animals that live in Kenya's game reserves.
--Raul Castro wonders if Obama has raised "too much hope" in the people of the United States. While he is not the best person to comment, I do think there is something to be said for the fact that much of the US has forgotten the actual role and powers that the president possesses.
--As I noted a few days ago, the rainy season will make things worse for the people of Zimbabwe and the nations cholera outbreak.
--Ethiopia has begun to pull out of Somalia where it has been backing the western supported government. This will cause major problems with the sitting gov't and may lead to another upheaval.