04 January 2009

Last Night at Home

Tomorrow I report down to Baltimore to gather with my fellow travelers for a little orientation at the NDMV headquarters. From there I will be flying on to Kenya on Saturday. I do not know the time of flight and its route yet, but I will provide the information as I get it this week.

--There is a low supply of malaria medication in Kenya. The expected importation of 8 million doses has only yielded 400,000. As a result, the government will most likely have to look towards other nations for help. This problem has also lead to a glut of varying malaria medications that enter the country unchecked. This is a significant concern due to the fact that people could be taking ineffective medicine or experience serious side effects.
--Wangari Maathai, Kenya's Nobel Prize winner, has spoken out against the newly signed medial bill. I have had the pleasure of seeing her speak at Holy Cross, and I must say that not only has she done wonderful things within Kenya, she is the type of person who really makes you stop and think about each word that she utters. It is important that the nation has a voice and I can see why she is a hero to many Kenyans.
--Former head of the UN Kofi Annan, who mediated the post election crisis last year, tells Kenya that it needs to expedite its process of reform.