10 January 2009

Last Day in Baltimore

We started off today with a session on community living lead by Sr. Kathleen.  It was nice to take a little focus off of Kenya itself and get some advice on how to live in community for the next year.  Michael and I are going to be forced to share a lot of tasks when it comes to simple things such as drinking water.  So, it was quite helpful.

My aunt and grandfather were nice enough to come down and treat all of us to a very hearty lunch at an Irish restaurant.  After, we said our goodbyes and I packed up my stuff to head to DC for the night with Remy. 

After dinner, we drove over to a sort of SND retirement community for our missioning ceremony.  They asked us to go there so that the older bunch of the community could see us before we left.  It is strange to be thanked by a group of people who have made their entire lives service.  I feel as if we should have been having some ceremony for them to recognize all the work that they have accomplished.  I don't want to seem as if I am not appreciative of their thank yous, but I want to make clear that what I am doing is nothing in comparison to what all these women have given.  I can only hope to be able to work as passionately as they have the whole lives.

Last night here in the United States for awhile, but I think that the capital is rather fitting.