11 January 2009

From Above Darfur

In keeping with my goal of writing daily, I bring you today's entry while on the plane to Nairobi.  We are currently in the region of the Darfur mountains and just passed over the Sahara Desert.  I wish that we could have done this leg during mid day.  Having never seen a desert, it is truly captivating in the sense that it is so vast and so different.  It really is just a sea of sand marked by tiny details that seem as if God was sketching on some sort of tan canvas.  There was even one section where giant black circles populated the sand.  Looking like buttons you would see on a pair of slacks.  I took a picture and I will share it as soon as I upload it.  If anyone has any idea what I am talking about please let me know.  Maybe they were water, but there was nothing within site that even resembled a habitable area.

I have done a good job of staying awake.  Basically, it has been sit and watch a movie until I feel sleepy.  Then, stand and walk around for ten minutes to wake up and repeat.  It has been successful thus far (after 5 hours in flight).  It is my hope that when we make it to the SND house I will be so tired that I will fall asleep the instant my cheek makes contact with the pillowcase.  For good measure, I will make sure to take some sleeping medication to ensure a swift and steady sleep.

I really have no idea what we will be doing in Nairobi, but I will be sure to report as much as possible.