08 January 2009

Day 4 in Baltimore

I would say we have been adequately orientated to what we should expect while in Kenya.  To sum up what I have learned this week I will quote Sister Sissy:

When you finally pack your bag for the airport, make sure to pack a little patience.  When you are about to finally close it, add some more patience and more patience and throw in some more.  Then you should be fine.

Everything has gone well so far, but I am more than ready to leave.  Anxiety is really the only true feeling, as the rest come to stem from the readiness to get going and begin this adventure.

Some Quick News Stuff...

--Banned malaria meds are on still on sale in Kenya.  Thankfully I will not have to worry about that problem!

--Drought continues in the Rift Valley and has now become a more serious concern.  It is believed that as many as 3 million people could be left without food if rain does not come.