07 January 2009

Day 3 in Baltimore

More meetings and discussions.....

The only part that stinks is when you have to say who you are and why you are here to every person you meet.  Now with that said, it has also been humbling to find out about people who have traveled long distances just because they want to meet the six volunteers who will be leaving for Kenya and Nigeria.  So I guess its not so bad that we have to keep going through the same introductions, but I would be lying if I did not admit it was becoming redundant.

Today we had two sessions with Barbara Veale Smith, who is a board member of NDMV and flew all the way from Oregon to be with us.  The sessions were focused on the idea of the unconditional self and how to use that when serving.  I won't say much about this because it is a dense topic that I am sure will rear its head into the middle of my thoughts throughout the year.

At lunch, we had two guests: Msgr. Lynch and Dr. Art Milholland.  Dr. Millholland is a friend of NDMV and wanted to have the chance to spend some time with us before we left.  Msgr. Lynch is his longtime mentor and was brought as a guest of Dr. Millholland.  Lunch was lunch and food was served, but we did get to have a nice conversation about Shakespeare and the politics within his works.  This was certainly a conversation that appealed to both my interest in politics as well as literature.