09 December 2008

You Must Listen to This...

The following is an interview with Williams visiting professor Binyavanga Wainaina. The subject is one that I have struggled with as I have made my preparations for my year in Kenya.   I feel strongly that international aid is not a simple and straightforward subject.   In fact, everyone must remain aware of what is actually be done in the countries that we have determined to be in need. Aid with the ability to actually provide support for people to continue to grow is different than aid that simply gives things (ie. food, clothing, and medicine).  I know that I will learn much about this subject over the next year when I will have the opportunity to see the impact of aid work within Kenya.
The audio is an hour long, but the first fifteen minutes are what I feel are the most important.   If you can listen to the whole thing, I encourage you to do so.  I will also provide additional information below that can be an additional resource to this vast subject.
Lastly, I must thank Jim Messina for sending me this interview, without his email I never would have listened to this.