01 December 2008

Today is World AIDS Day

Just a few facts and thoughts since it is World AIDS Day today:
- 5,700 people die per day due to AIDS related causes
- 740 of thoses deaths are children
- At the beginning of 2008, one-third of people in low and middle income countries needing anti-retroviral treatment and one-third of women requiring drugs to prevent transmission of HIV to their children received them.
- As of 2007, an estimated 33 million people are living with HIV/AIDS
- In 2007, Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 59% of the worlds cases of HIV/AIDS
In Kenya:
  • 2 million people have HIV/AIDS
  • Over 1 million are women
  • 180,000 are children
  • Over 1 million children have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS

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