10 December 2008

Since You Probably Did Not Know....

Today is Human Rights Day.

60 years ago the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights(UDHR) was issued by the United Nations.   The UN has marked today as Human Rights Day in recognition of the important work. The declaration itself has been the guide for human rights for now over a half of a century. Unfortunately, it has also been a source the violation of human rights.  Actions have been taken since 1948 in the spirit of the UDHR that have violated the rights of people throughout the globe. Sadly, we currently are fighting a war based partially on the violation of the rights of the Iraqi people by its former government, while a genocide continues in Sudan. 
I do not wish to make this a condemnation of any individual people or countries.  However, I believe that this is an important day because of what the declaration actually says.  I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to read the UDHR. It is not terribly long, but I am sure that it will provide you with many ideas.

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