29 December 2008

More Moves to Control Media

Control FM radio stations, says politician

A member of Parliament has asked the Government to control vernacular FM stations to prevent violence similar to that which rocked the country after the December 2007 General Election. Mr Gideon Mung’aro said such stations had great influence and if not properly used, could easily spark violence.

According to the Malindi MP, the media were largely to blame for the post-election violence that nearly destroyed Kenya. However, he asked President Kibaki not to sign the Kenya Communication (Amendment) Bill into law in its current form. In his view, the contentious sections of the Bill should be amended before it can become law. “A certain degree of freedom of the press is OK but absolute freedom is dangerous,” he told journalists at St Anthony Catholic Cathedral on Sunday. “That is why I am advocating for some control of the media like it happens in other countries.”

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