31 December 2008

Kenya's Inflation Down, Malawi Cholera Up

--Kenya's rate of inflation fell to 27.7% in the month of December.  Down from 29.4% in November.  This seems to be a small sign that nations problems concerning electricity, fuel, and food have begun to improve.  By comparison the United States' rate of inflation in November was 1.07%.  

--An outbreak of Cholera in Malawi has claimed eleven lives in the trade city of Lilongwe.  The outbreak that began last week has resulted in 248 cases.  Zimbabwe on the other hand is continuing to have problems.  To date there have been over 30,000 reported cases of Cholera and 1,608 deaths.  There have been no real indications that the country has been able to make gains in controlling the outbreak.  As the rainy season in these countries approaches, it will be hard to prevent Cholera from spreading even further within Zimbabwe and Malawi.