26 December 2008

Contact Info: Address and SND Phone Number

The following will be my mailing address for next year:
P.O. Box 323
Malava 50103 Kenya

254 723 205 003

The address will be where you can mail me letters. Some people have mentioned sending packages, and I appreciate the gesture, but please do not send any packages. The Kenyan mail system is very unreliable and there are laws which ALLOW the opening of letters and packages. This means that things are sent will often not make it all the way, especially food and other goods. Letters should be relatively safe, but email is much faster.
The telephone is for the Sisters of Notre Dame who I will be working with throughout the year. I will have a cell phone when I arrive and will share the number as soon as I arrive in Kenya. Unless it is an emergency, please use the cell phone number. With a calling card, incoming calls will cost me nothing. I will provide information in the future about obtaining a calling card for Kenya and which places are the best.