07 November 2008

This seems to be a good sign in Kenya...

Surprise surge in Kenya’s population as fertility rises

An increased birth rate among Kenyan women and low levels of contraceptive use are the main causes of the robust population growth in recent years, experts have said.

According to Government demographers, up to 25 per cent of men and women would like to use contraceptives but have no access. The level of contraceptive use remains at 39 per cent, where it was 10 years ago.

Is Kenya experiencing a baby boom?

The number of women giving birth in public and private hospitals has increased in the last nine months with the figures expected to rise, a survey conducted by the Saturday Nation has shown.

Maternity wings in various hospitals in Nairobi have recorded an increase in the number of births.

Though experts point a finger at the election campaigns and the violence that followed, it has emerged that there was an acute shortage of contraceptives in August and December last year.