04 November 2008

So I guess you need a few shots go to Kenya

I got my first round of shots this afternoon and I still have to make two more trips back to the doctors.  Today I got: 
Hepatitis A/B Vaccine (the doctor was kind enough to extend the combination option so I only have to get three shots for this rather than five)
Yellow Fever Vaccine
Meninogococcal Vaccine

I go back in one week for:
Hep A/B (Round 2)
Polio Booster
Tetanus Booster

Then two weeks after that:
Hep A/B (Final Round)

I was also given a prescription for malaria medication, some anti-bacterial pills for when I am actually in Kenya and I start to get some sort of travel disorder, and a series of Typhoid Fever treatments that I can take home.   For the Typhoid it is some sort of salmonella pill that I have to take every other day for four days and the pills must be stored in the fridge.