06 November 2008

Rain + Forest= my backyard

Kakamega Forest National Reserve is located 50 km north of Kisumu. This is right about where I will be living next year. The reserve is 240 square kilometers and houses a variety of animal species. The reserve supports over 300 bird species, 350 tree species, 27 snake species (there have been no bites in the 20+ year history of the reserve), 400 species of butterfly (that's 45% of all recorded species in Kenya), and 7 primate species. It also is home to various reptiles. 

"With that sort of biodiversity you surely cannot be bored once in the forest. The endangered Turner's eremomela, Charpins flycatcher and the voice mimicking African grey parrot are also found here. The forest is also home to the endangered DeBrazza monkey found at the isolated Kisere Forest Reserve, which is part of the larger Kakamega Forest National Reserve. The majestic black and white colobus monkey alongside flying squirrels, blue monkey and potto (the world's slowest mammal on earth), are among the attractions. Forest bucks, duikers and dik diks are found in this equatorial rain forest."

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