06 November 2008


Obama name craze for Kenya babies (BBC)

Mothers in Kenya have marked Barack Obama's historic win in the US presidential elections by naming their newborns after him and his wife.

Obama victory sparks baby naming frenzy (Daily Nation)

The US election has triggered a new generation of mini Barack Obamas with parents in Kenya and the United States naming their newborns after the new president-elect.

I think we all can agree that it is much better than all the names that would have become popular if McCain/Palin won. I mean do we really want kids named after a high school math class (Trig), the thing that people run on/trains ride on (Track), a city famous for its NASCAR raceway (Bristol), a movie character who rides on Val Kilmer's back for two hours (Willow), and the guy who comes to Hamelin to abduct children (Piper).