30 October 2008

Some pictures of the CMMB distribution center

CMMB is responsible for shipping nearly $200 million worth of medical supplies each year.  Partners such as Johnson and Johnson and DuPuy generously donate many of the medicines and vaccines that are sent by CMMB.  Local hospitals also get in the act and send various supplies such as unused hospital beds.  Thanks to donations by people and companies along with government grants, CMMB is able to supply people in more than 100 countries.

Supplies getting ready to be packed.

All ready to be shipped out to countries such as Kenya and Nicaragua.

More supplies!

"We see hope in the many religious and educational institutions that are doing effective work on the frontline of the AIDS crisis.  Catholic Medical Mission Board, for example, runs 15 clinics in southern Africa and Haiti where more than 200,000 pregnant women each year receive HIV testing and counseling and drug therapy to prevent the transmission of the virus to their children."
-President George W. Bush
May 27, 2003
at signing of HIV/AIDS Act