30 October 2008

News in Kenya

Malaria Cases to Rise, Warns UN
Kenyans should prepare for an increase in malaria cases as the effects of global warming begin to be felt, a UN agency has warned.
"As the temperatures increase in areas such as Nairobi, which is generally but not entirely free of malaria, the mosquitoes that carry it will certainly be able to breed, which will cause problems with the disease in areas that are not currently plagued by this," said Mr Tim Kasten, head of the Division of Environmental Policy Implementation at the United Nations Environmental Programme.

The World Food Programme will soon start using an innovative micronutrients supplement to support the diet of people facing food shortages in Kenya.
The supplement, known as MixMe, will be used to reinforce food at home as opposed to the conventional fortification, such as iodine in salt, which is done at the industrial level.