28 October 2008

A little bit about CMMB....

So we are basically going to be working for CMMB next year, something which I have pretty much just learned.  Notre Dame Mission Volunteers (NDMV) will still be an important partner, but all of the money I will be raising will be going towards CMMB.  As a bonus, this means some good health care as well as a major raise in my stipend from $100 a month to $350 a month.  However, that means that housing will no longer be paid for by NDMV.  So, roughly a whopping rent of $100 a month will be due to my landlord, the sisters of Notre Dame.
Anyways, I thought that I would give a little information about CMMB an organization that I am learning about this week who has played a valuable role in the distribution of medicine and health care supplies and services into the third world.

Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) was brought into incorporation in 1928 under the guidance of Dr. Paluel Flagg.  An anesthesiologist at St. Vincent's Hospital in NYC, Dr. Flagg began his work a decade before after making trips to aid the people of Haiti and witnessing the poor conditions of the countries medical facilities.  In 1928, Dr. Flagg responded to the devastation caused by hurricanes in Puerto Rico by traveling with a team of doctors and nurses to aid the thousands of people in need of medical attention.  Dr. Flagg continued to grow CMMB into an organization with an emphasis on assistance through supplies, but the role of volunteers became an emerging interest.
The Medical Volunteer Program (MVP), which I am proud to say that I will be a part of, became the vehicle for CMMB to send medical professionals and those interested in global health work into areas where physical service could be employed.  
In Malava, Kenya (yes I know its almost impossible to find on the map, but it is in northern Kenya near Lake Victoria) I will be working at either St. Julie's Medical Center or at the local orphanage.  There have been some recent changes that have caused two more NDMV members who were supposed to be Nairobi to now join us in Malava.  So, I can tell you where I am going and what I may be doing.

CMMB will be a great additional resource to us in Malava.  We will not only be connected to an even larger network, but we will be able to apply for materials and medicines to be sent to help the people we will be serving in Malava.